Reinforcements Arrive for the

Pausing for a quick snap are 3 of Olney ISD’s newest coaches from L-R: Chase Duncan (Boys Baseball Head Coach), Jason Powers (Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator) And Greg Fortner (Varsity Football Offensive Coordinator and Track Coach) Photo by Will Sadler

Reinforcements Arrive for the Olney Cubs

Just in time to begin the summer programs for strength, fitness and football training for the upcoming year Olney ISD has hired some new coaches to help fill rolls that where vacated at the end of the school year as well as bring in some added expertise to take the Cubs sports program to the next level.

Triticale Harvest

Triticale Field off of Country Club Road has been curious about the field South of Olney being leased out by the Johnsons is Triticale which is a hybrid of wheat and rye first bred in laboratories during the late 19th century in Scotland and Germany. Commercially available triticale is almost always a second-generation hybrid, i.e., a cross between two kinds of primary triticale’s. Photo by Will Sadler

Triticale Harvest

Pictured are support vehicles which load and deliver wheat during the harvesting process. Photo by Will Sadler

Triticale Harvest Completed

People have been noticing the land off Country Club Road and Highway 251 S., and they have expressed their curiosity about what his being grown there. This land—which has been in the family since 1880— is being leased to Sam Creel by Trina Wainwright Johnson for the production of Triticale (trit-ih-KAY-lee).

City Council

Olney City Council held their first meeting of the month on June 8, 2020. The meeting began by approving minutes from the previous meeting followed by presenting an employee longevity award.


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