Young County Republicans discuss the need to vote

Young County Republicans met in Graham Sept. 8. They discussed the importance of voting and listened to messages by guest speakers Sharon Van Baale on behalf of Drew Springer, Andy Hopper and Craig Carter. Photo by Ethan Nickel

Young County Republicans discuss the need to vote

The Young County Republicans held a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8 to discuss upcoming events, the need to vote, and to introduce the candidates running for the Texas State Senate Seat for District 30— including Craig Carter, Andy Hopper and Sharon Van Baale, who represented Drew Springer.

Olney ISD’s Greg Roach thanks community

I want to express how thankful I am for our entire community, staff, students, and parents for their patience and help as we completed our first week of school. We appreciate everyone’s continuing support as we iron the kinks out of daily operations and remote learning. The district’s intent is to do everything possible to keep our students safe and keep the doors open.

The business of prayer

Rodney Nantz, Executive Director of the Refuge conducts Bible Study at Cemco and prays for the business and employees. Photo by Chris Taylor

The business of prayer

Many leaders and pastors in the Olney community have been spending extra time praying for individuals and families who have been facing adversities, especially those associated with the Coronavirus. With so much chaos in our personal lives, we sometimes forget about the challenges some of the local businesses may face in their day-to-day operations.

Commissioners Court

The Young County Commissioners Court held their last meeting in the month of August on Monday, Aug. 31. The meeting began with a public hearing on the budget and proposed tax rate that was proposed by “the governing body of Young County”. After this public hearing was held, the Young County Commissioners Court was open to public comments, announcements, and presentations before quickly moving on to discuss the treasures financial report and updates on securities pledged. The court then considered the auditors budget amendments and vouchers payable. An employee bond was consumed and approved for Kathy Mishler, who is the Juvenile Probation Administrative assistant for Young County. The court discussed a full membership contract for the AirMedCare Network Group before moving on to consider and approve a road crossing permit for Hamilton Road in Precinct number 3. Next up on the agenda was to receive full bids for full depth reclamation on 3 miles of road as brought forth by our very own Stacey Rogers in Precinct 3. The last item on the agenda was to discuss burn restrictions before moving on to the budget workshop and then adjourning shortly thereafter. The next Young County Commissioners Court meeting will be held in mid-Sept.


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