Living Nativity founder honored
Living Nativity founder honored

Living Nativity founder honored with relatives’ participation

Cumberland Presbyterian Church hosted its 60th annual Living Nativity in Olney Sunday, Dec. 19, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the south side of the building located at 210 S. Ave. M and Cactus Lane. However, this year’s event was exceptional with the participation of the founder’s (Winnie Dunagan Evans) granddaughter, Harper Creel—a fifth-grader at Olney Elementary School.

“Joy Everlasting”

Rest assured, beloved, the promises of the Lord will never fail those who are in Christ Jesus, for the God of Israel is a God who cannot lie. He is the only true God Who holds everything together by the breath of His word. In Him is life, and there is life in no other. And the eternal life that He has given is guaranteed in His Son Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself as a living sacrifice to all whom the Father has given to Him. Yes, my brothers and sisters, it is true, you are the royal inheritance that God has given His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. With this knowledge, should you not rejoice now, regardless of your circumstances? Think for just a minute. Though you may suffer now for a little while in this broken world that is affected by sin, at the appointed time, you will be raised to an eternal kingdom where righteousness reigns and sin and death will never touch you again.



It was the most significant spiritual moment of our marriage. And it happened 22 years after we said, “I do.” How many times have we sat with other men and women in Sunday school classes, discussing Paul’s incredibly difficult instruction to the Ephesians: “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” Yet, the idea felt abstract. What does it mean, really? We all wondered. How can a mere man love like Christ? How can he present his wife to Jesus, holy and blameless? How can he really help to sanctify her while he struggles with his own sin problems? Even the most loving and God-honoring husband is flawed, after all, so what about all of those regular husbands out there? Was Paul asking too much of men?


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