Children’s library

Children’s library announces winners of annual Popcorn Estimating contest

The Children’s Library at the Olney Community Library and Arts Center recently held its Annual Popcorn Estimating Contest with the students of Olney Elementary! There were three contest levels during the week of April 25: one for kindergarten through First Grades, another for Second through Third Grades, and lastly, Fourth through Fifth Grades. Books regarding estimating were read and discussed before students deliberated and made their individual estimates. Mackenzie Vega won in the kindergarten/First Grade group. Her estimate was 234, and the answer was 227! Evalena Slomski was the winner in the Second/Third Grade group. Her estimate was 400, and the answer was 428!

Harness the power of

Harness the power of budgeting

When you hear the word “budgeting,” your first thought might be that it’s mostly for young people starting their careers and adult lives. Yet, budgeting can be important for everyone, no matter their age. And even if you feel that you’re in pretty good financial shape, with a reasonable amount of savings and investments, you can still benefit by establishing a budget or improving your current one.