“Experiencing God”

Dear Christian, as we journey from this world to the celestial city of heaven, the Lord will often recall to our memory the moments He manifested Himself to us in a supernatural way. It is in these moments when the manifestation of His presence becomes so transparent to our soul; it’s as if we have ascended to heaven in this natural body to stand in the presence of God. Oh, the mystery of the living God, how He can take the laws of heaven and interrupt the natural law of earth to impress upon our memory His divine power. There is no escaping these moments; they are etched into our memory with an iron stylus. It is God reminding us that our earthly body may experience Him so that in a season of doubt, we can go back to those moments for assurance. I often reflect upon these mo

The Dunn-Wilson House

The Dunn-Wilson House

This lot was sold to E.M. Howard in 1908 by John W. Groves, with the address as 501 W. Main. In 1910, Howard sold the lot to Rev. Charles William “C.W.” (1856-1934) and Addie (Campbell) (1879-1923) Dunn.

“Little Golden Worries”

“Little Golden Worries”

Several weeks ago, at our dear church, I stood to sing in my usual spot on the front row. As the pastor’s wife, I sit in what feels like the designated seat, always in view of a church filled with people I love. They watch my face when Chad jokes with me in a sermon. They glance my way when he looks at me and smiles. And they see it when I brush away tears as God breaks my heart in the places where it needs breaking. He is always molding and mending, and this He sometimes does right there on the front row.


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