Black History Month: Lt. Col. Allen West

Black History Month: Lt. Col. Allen West

I met Lt. Col. Allen West at the Young County Republican gala last year. He was friendly, politically savvy and confident. As the keynote speaker, he articulated his conservative ideas eloquently to an audience eager for winning strategies and solidarity. West’s most intriguing characteristic at that moment was his humility. He said, “We should always remember that freedom is not possible without a price.” It was a welcomed reminder to honor our servicemen and servicewomen. West continued, “So, if you have served our country as a Soldier, Airman, Marine, Coast Guard and as Law Enforcement Agents, please stand so we can give you a round of applause.”

City Council Meeting held Feb. 8

Olney City Council met Monday, Feb. 8, at City Hall. Mayor Rue Rogers called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. The Councilmembers present included Mayor Pro- Tem Tom Parker, Phil Jeske, Tommy Kimbro, Chuck Stennett and Terri Wipperman. The meeting began with an invocation by City Administrator Neal Welch.


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