Mayor makes statement about Dude Wipes

Mayor Rue Rogers read a letter from Dude Products at the Nov. 20 City Council meeting: “The purpose of this letter is to correct and clarify certain public comments made by an Olney city employee at an Olney City Council meeting in late April or early May. During that meeting, an employee from the Olney Public Works Department made comments at a City Council meeting regarding the City’s problem with increased clogs in the city sewer system which are believed to be attributed to residents flushing disposable wipes.

Council rejects water plant bids

The Olney City Council rejected all bids for a planned water treatment plant, saying they would go “back to the drawing board” to avoid saddling residents with more debt. The Council took the action after seeing the lowest of four bids on the project come in $2 million over the City’s $13.5 million budget.