Beginning March 23, Olney Library will be offering internet/computer services to Olney ISD students who need wifi during this time away from school. Limited hours are from 9 to 11 am Monday through Friday. There will be no public access of any kind during this time.

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Hard Times are Coming

Emerald ran into the kitchen with a bright orange and pink Barbie hammock hooked over both ears, covering her face and mouth like a medical mask. I could see her eyes crinkling at the corners, so I knew she was grinning underneath. It struck me as so very strange, a seven-year-old child’s game centering on a worldwide pandemic. But why shouldn’t that be what’s on her mind in these troubling times? When every conversation she hears is about the latest news, when every headline screams “Danger” and every photo is grownups in masks, wearily facing a frightening enemy that is so small it can’t be detected by the human eye? What an odd time to be a second grader.

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Piper and Aurelia holding a sign up for their teachers during the Stepping Stones teacher parade on Monday Photo Submitted by Claire Meswchkat

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Aurelia, Piper, and Claire showing off their ping-pong ball roller coaster made out of paper Photo Submitted by Claire Meschkat

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Piper doing an experiment to snuff out a candle with carbon dioxide Photo Submitted by Claire Meschkat

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Aurelia learning about what keeps airplanes in the air with a science craft Photo Submitted by Claire Meschkat

Vivify-Educational Programs for Children

Throughout the COVID-19 situation, people have been seeking ways to support those in need. At these critical stages in development, young children need frequent practice of reading and math skills to prevent this deterioration of competency. If school closures press further towards summer, we are looking at a potential large step backwards in the advancement of the children in our education system.

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The Ministerial Alliance gathered for a panel discussion moderated by Olney Enterprise Editor Ethan Nickel, Fri., Mar. 27. L-R: Ethan Nickel, Chad Edgington, Pastor, First Baptist Church Olney, Louis Golden, Pastor, Rising Star Baptist Church, Sean Reeves , Sean, Pastor, St. Lutheran’s Church, Brian Wadley, Pastor, Family Worship Center, David Carpenter, Pastor, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Rodney Nantz, Servant atOlney Christian Community Center/The Refuge Photo by Will Sadler

Ministerial Alliance Offers Hope

The Ministerial Alliance (M.A.) is an important group of pastors in Olney, Texas. This statement remained true this past week as several members of the M.A. got together to answer questions on Facebook live for the community and the surrounding areas.


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