My Nickel’s

My Nickel’s Worth

As I have been watching the NBA playoffs, one player for the Los Angeles Lakers has become such an inspiration, Alex Caruso. Caruso played college basketball at Texas A&M--some of you may have heard of him when he played there but I sure hadn’t. He averaged 8 points per game in college, and was known as a fighter, but he was never thought of as an NBA prospect. He ended being selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder for the G-League, as he went underdrafted. Caruso played in the NBA Summer League years ago and so he showed teams what he was capable of.

The “TP” Crisis of 2020

The “TP” Crisis of 2020

Today, as I sit in my chair, the calendar says it is April 1, 2020. We are encouraged to stay home, practice social distancing, do “take out” food only, at least until the end of April. It is very quiet out. There’s not much traffic along the roads. Why? There is a world-wide pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It is probably the most contagious illness since the 1918 Spanish flu.


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