My Nickel’s

My Nickel’s Worth

Now that we are in an election year and after watching the presidential debate, I inevitably will go on social media to see the reactions that people have, as well as the different opinions that are had. However, as the days go on, I am seeing a nation of people who are completely divided—and not only divided but can become uncivil when we disagree on certain issues. This has led to families and friendships being destroyed because we have disagreements. That is so disappointing to me because I know that it used to not be this way. We need to get back to being able to have social and political discussions without showing hatred for one another, but rather listening to one another in a respectful manner without it affecting anything relating to your personal relationships with one another. Somewhere along the way, we lost that. It’s like “You’re either with me or against me” and it should not be that way. We are all American, and we cannot let our differences shape future generations to come in a negative light. As we passed the anniversary of 9/11 a few weeks ago, I look back on interviews from individuals on that day and the days that followed, I see how everyone was in it together as Americans-- even those on flight 93 who risked their lives to stop another potential terrorist attack, potentially towards the White House. When those individuals knew their lives were in jeopardy and most likely lost, they did not spend one second thinking about political parties, but rather coming together as Americans. We need to remember that we can get back to a country that is United, with one nation under God.

Now We Can’t Even

Now We Can’t Even Watch Football

I called it some time ago. Shopping carts. Shopping carts were once the measure of morality according to the weird world of good-person-policing on the internet. Post after post went around on social media where people declared that leaving a shopping cart in the parking lot instead of putting it in the cart corral tells us all we need to know about you as a person. You’re a horrible human being who probably drowns kittens in your spare time. You see, this policing started small. This moral posturing and blanket condemning of strangers and friends began innocently enough, back before the world exploded with real issues.


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