Memories & Moments:

Arianna Esparza Photo Submitted by Arianna Esparza

Memories & Moments:

How many years have you participated in band? What was your role? I’ve been in band 7 years, ever since my 6th grade year. I am section leader for the flutes as well as Senior Drum Major.


The tax return deadline has been extended until mid-July, but you may have already filed your taxes. If you were not entirely happy with the results, you might start seeking ways to change the outcome for next year. And one area to look at may be your investment-related taxes.

We Can’t Stay Home Forever

My Nickel’s Worth

We Can’t Stay Home Forever

As I am writing this editorial, states are making plans to re-open. I have mixed feelings. I want small businesses to be able to open and have a chance to survive and thrive. I want the oil industry to start climbing back. I want to attend church, take my fiance to dinner, go to a movie, and plan our honeymoon. I want to get a haircut. I want go to a baseball game. I want to attend my sister’s graduation. But I also worry about my grandparents, my great-grandmother, my cousin with asthma, and my friend who was born with a heart birth defect.


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