Melissa Edgington

The Art of Rememering How Good You Have It

They say you don’t miss something until it’s gone. Today we sit in our homes under restrictions from the government. We hunker down with our Netflix and our homeschool and our travels that lead us no further than the backyard. We watch the stories pouring out of bigger towns and wonder when the bad news will pass, when we can stop worrying about whether or when this virus is going to hit our community.

Will B. Reminiscing

Will B. Reminiscing

Well by now everyone is pretty much hunkered down for the shelter in place order. There will be some tense moments, as people get on each other’s nerves from time to time. But in years to come, you will only remember the good parts and not the occasional bickering or occasional fight.


My Nickel’s Worth

Being in this quarantine has allowed me to reflect on the things we have always taken for granted like buying toilet paper, attending church, or celebrating a high school graduation. I never appreciated visiting friends, going to a restaurant to eat a meal, or the ability to attend a class in person. I didn’t appreciate the right to go to work or visit a loved one in a nursing home. I failed to realize that so many freedoms were wonderful, everyday things I took for granted. Medical procedures (non-emergency) and dental appointments were a luxury we cannot enjoy right now. Watching a live sporting event, while fun, was not something I truly appreciated. I will never take for granted being able to watch sporting events throughout the entire year ever again. Being able to come home and watch the NCAA basketball tournament or watch the beginning of the Major League Baseball season… which would be under way if under normal circumstances. The beginning of April usually represents the beginning of the NBA postseason as well. I am such a massive sports fan, and this has definitely changed my perspective even more so on the things that are part of our normal routines that we currently do not get to enjoy. The worst part is not knowing when this pandemic will reach its conclusion. Each of us are already looking towards the future, but a future that is completely up in the air for everyone.

Devotional: “Church”

What is a church supposed to look like? Is it supposed to be a big fancy building with all the newest technologies in it or is it supposed to be a small little building out in the country with old wooden pews? There are around 350,000 churches in America with an average of 56 million in attendance according to a study done back in 2010. In a study put out in 2013 of the 100 largest churches in the US, Texas has 17 of them. That is awesome that Texas has that many mega churches but it is not about the building or the seating capacity at all! T


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