How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Black Friday

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Black Friday

Millions of small businesses have had a difficult year in 2020. As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spread across the globe, governments all over the world took unprecedented measures to prevent the virus from claiming more lives. Public health measures like social distancing undoubtedly saved lives, but small businesses bore the brunt of the economic impact of such measures.

Publisher’s Points to Ponder:

Publisher’s Points to Ponder: Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thrilled that our newspaper is published on Thanksgiving Day. We usually gain new subscribers from the families and friends of our readers who drop in for the Thanksgiving holiday. We like to think of our small-town newspaper as a peak inside a town that has an interesting mix of people, unique places to visit and a bunch of stories that reveal the resilience of this community.


For such a time as this, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we have been called to be the Lord’s witnesses in a day of sheer darkness. We are to be a lighthouse in a violent storm of moral decay holding fast to the word of truth for all the world to see. Yes, it is a time of madness; A time when evil is called good and good is called evil. It is a time when God’s fundamental truths have been tossed to the wind, conscience has been raped of its God given conviction, and has been replaced with the world’s standards. During these days it seems as if the dominant thread that is woven in the fabric of culture has become predominantly evil. Men and women alike have become lovers of self, lovers of money, unholy, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, becoming wise in their own estimations while denying the very truth that is written upon their own hearts. Saints of God, though our culture grows closer to adopting all of the sexual deviations that ancient Rome adopted before its fall, we must first repent of our own sins and come before the Lord in holy prayer. This must be an inward movement of the heart, driven by the deepest affections of our soul.

Getting the Popcorn Ready

Getting the Popcorn Ready

It’s that time of year again. What time is it do you ask? Why the popcorn? It’s Black Friday this week. It’s the time of year that we see the best in people and the worse in people. The popcorn is for watching the show that is about to be put on by the madness that is Black Friday. There will be a truck full of videos of people acting the fool.


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