Will B.

Will B.

Lots of grumblings going on in the world of local social media lately about a small country town’s social life.

My Nickel’s Worth

My Nickel’s Worth

Being weather aware is something I have taken for granted. Unlike sixty years ago, with today’s technology, we can know several hours ahead that the conditions are favorable for a flash flood or tornado.


Brothers and sisters in Christ, may this small devotion lead you in a pathway of rejoicing. May your hearts be overfilled with great joy, and its every beat yielding in submission to the love of Christ Jesus, which surpasses all understanding.

All you need is Love

All you need is Love

I’ve been having one of THOSE days. One of those UGH and sigh and Oh-no-you-DIDN’T kind of days. One of those days that is filled with gritted teeth and pounding head and not nearly enough smiling. You know the kind. Every time I have a day like this I end the day feeling alarmed, ashamed, and grateful.


In the midst of the northern kingdom of Israel, amongst all of its pomp and eloquence, in a time of great wealth and military security, stood a working class herdsman ready to speak forth the judgment of God’s word fearlessly.


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