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Football team members participate in BRUINS mentorship.| Photo by Will Sadler

B.R.U.I.N.S. hamburger social

August 12, The B.R.U.I.N.S. (Building, Respect, Unity, Integrity, Nobility and Service) kicked off the Olney Varsity Cub’s football season with a hamburger social to help reconnect BRUINS from last year

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Pam Bockhoff reminisces about high school sports while looking at the sports memorabilia. Her mother Peggy played softball in her younger years and passed her love of sports to her children. Photo by Will Sadler

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Pictured (L-R): Tower Extrusions President/CEO Mark McClelland, Congressman Jodey Arrington, and Tower Fab Manager Jake Bailey Photo by Will Sadler

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Pam and Scott view the “Fashions of the Past” exhibit. Pam said the McClatchy wedding dress pictured reminded her of the folks who knew the McClatchys.
Photo by Will Sadler

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(L to R): Larelle Bockhoff with her husband Scott Bockhoff and sister Pam Bockhoff enjoying the “Farm Life” exhibit.
Photo by Will

Bockhoffs visit Olney Heritage Museum reminiscing on the past while enjoying the present

While visiting Olney last week, Pam Bockhoff Link along with her brother Scott Bockhoff and his wife Larelle stopped by Olney Heritage Museum to take a walk down memory lane.

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“School Days” Docent School.? The docents reminisce about school days while interacting with the exhibit props. Do you have school memories to share? Were you or your parents teachers or students from yesteryear? Stop by to see the original diploma of the 1916 graduating class of OHS.

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“Olney’s Volunteer Fire Department” exhibit contains artifacts that remind us of the volunteers who risk their lives for our safety. The Olney Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1912. Share your fire memorabilia with OHM via donation or loan.

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“A Night at the Movies”

The movie exhibit features artifacts from our very own theater. Do you remember the Westex Theatre ? It was the ultimate hang out in the 1970s. Most of the artifacts were donated by the Lunsford family. Stroll down memory lane while viewing the items in the shadowbox on the wall behind the original theater seats. What theater artifacts do you have in your storage? Original tickets, photos or any other item will be welcomed for consideration.

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“Military” This exhibit is in honor of those who serve and protect our freedoms. On display is a Ranger uniform. Please share your military artifacts from all branches of service. Consider donating items in honor of Olney’s veterans.

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“Telephones of the Past” Younger patrons find it hard to imagine a world without tech-savvy mobile phones. However, the historical telephones that are on exhibit at the museum remind us about the convenience and excitement of communicating across the distance to loved ones who were a phone call away. Do you have old telephones or equipment you’d like to share to help us expand this exhibit?

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“Fashion Flashback”

The fashions of the past is an exhibit that was created for the fashionistas of Olney, many who adore vintage pieces worn by women in Olney. Currently on display is a 1947 wedding dress that was donated by Neva McClatchy. Also on display is a dress from 1931. There are clothing patterns and a sewing box on display, too. We would love to see the fashionable items hiding in your parents’ or grandparents’ closets.

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“Farm Life” You can’t leave OHM without saying hello to our resident cow, Moolatte. This farm exhibit is a nod to the hardworking farmers who bring our food from the farm to the market. Children will enjoy milking the cow and churning butter. Stop by for a visit to live the simple life; at least for a moment. Please share farm-life artifacts, please lend or donate.


A Day with the docents at Olney Heritage Museum

The docents at Olney Heritage Museum are excited about hosting a day at the museum.


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