Blood Drive at Hamilton Hospital

Blood Drive at Hamilton Hospital

Craig Mahler gave the gift of life at the Carter Blood Drive hosted by the Olney Hamilton Hospital[OHH]. Dale Lovett, who sits on the OHH board said, “We had 39 donors attending the drive, which resulted in 28 whole blood units and 14 double red, which equates to 42 units.” Considering each unit donated helps around three lives, we touched over a hundred lives with our drive. We have a tentative date in November for our next drive and will publicize when it is confirmed. Photo by Will Sadler

Cub Center Chats

Thank you, thank you to all of you who opened your hearts and your pocketbooks to donate to the Olney Cub Center during our time of need. We appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us during the “Texoma Gives” timeframe. Your generosity will help us to continue with the MEALS-ON-WHEELS project we deem so vital to our community.

National Back-to-Church Sunday, Sept. 19

Many churches saw a decline in parishioner attendance with the onset of the pandemic. It is logical to think that attendance would have increased when people needed to grow closer to God. However, some local pastors believe the decrease was motivated by fear of the unknown, and some people refused to expose themselves to a virus that was taking lives. With a better understanding of the virus, people are more at ease, but the issues we face in the world are forever mounting and causing additional emotional trauma. For these reasons, churches are uniting to promote the National Back to Church Sunday on Sept. 19.


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