• Cubs vs. Petrolia Pirates
  • Cubs vs. Petrolia Pirates

Cubs vs. Petrolia Pirates

The Olney Cubs traveled to Petrolia on Sept. 4, to battle the Pirates to secure a second win, but they fell short of victory after putting up a tough defensive battle against the Pirates. Final score had Cubs 14 and the Pirates at 33.

After no score for the Cubs offense and the defense only giving up 7 points in the first quarter the Cubs came alive in the second quarter with a 52-yard punt return by #9, James Coleman, good for 6 points, followed by #21, Gatlin Guy’s punch in for a 2-point conversion.

Although the defense gave up some key plays that resulted in touchdowns for the Pirates, they played very well with an interception and a forced fumble. #67 Luis Marquez led the way for the defense with one tackle in 9 assists. Other defensive highlights include #10, Carter Hinson, breaking up a long pass attempt and an interception by # 20, Braulio Flores. Overall, the defense played cohesively and were very effective against the Pirates.

Highlights from the Cubs offense include # 21 Gatlin Guy’s 12 touchdown run along with Guy’s 94 yards of rushing. # 9, James Coleman, 67 yards rushing to go with his 52-yard touchdown on the punt return. Rounding out the highlights is # 11, Oscar Flores, with a 22-yard reception. As always, the offensive and defensive line should never be overlooked as a key to any successful football team, they are the unsung heroes of the game and make it possible for any play to be a success. Fight on Cubs!!!

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