Area schools meet for UIL

Area schools meet for UIL

Olney elementary and junior high school scholars hosted a one-day University Interscholastic League competition on Dec. 2 against students from Windthorst, Nocona, Archer City and Seymour elementary and junior high schools.

Here is a list of OISD’s winners:

Grades 1-6: Creative Writing, 2nd grade: Matthew Bullock, 1st place Storytelling, 2nd grade: Braxton Wells, 4th place Chess, 2nd grade: Jenessa Berngen, 1st place; Aiden McPhie, 3rd place Spelling, 3rd grade: Palmer Hargis, 2nd place Ready Reading, 3rd grade: Palmer Hargis, 1st place; Savannah Morales, 2nd place Storytelling, 3rd grade: Raeleigh Marklin, 4th place; Caroline Jeske, 6th place Music memory, 3rd grade: Jack Wells, 4th place Chess, 3rd grade: Rylan Keeter, 1st place; Jack Wells, 2nd place; Lane Philipp, 4th place Spelling, 4th grade: Caroline Stewart, 5th place Ready reading, 4th grade: Denalee Wales, 1st place; Caroline Stewart, 2nd place; Janie Sykora, 3rd place Number sense, 4th grade: Denalee Wales, 2nd place; Christopher McElroy, 2nd place Oral reading, 4th grade: Denalee Wales, 3rd place Art, 4th grade: Caroline Stewart, 1st place; Lilly Harrison, 4th place Music memory, 4th grade: Clayton Guthrie, 1st place Chess, 4th grade: Kameron Betts, 1st place; Christopher McElroy, 3rd place Spelling, 5th grade: Laney Kimbro, 2nd place; Zeph Tejada, 5th place Ready writing, 5th grade: Laney Kimbro, 1st place; Emerald Edgington, 5th place Number sense, 5th grade: Trent Berngen, 1st place, Zeph Tejada, 2nd place; Raluca Vasiloiu, 5th place Oral reading, 5th grade: Ella Richards, 1st place; Emerald Edgington, 2nd place Art, 5th grade: Miles Branum, 1st place; Pace Hargis, 2nd place; Raluca Vasiloiu, 6th place tie with Payten Oliver Chess, 5th grade: Harrison Barnhardt, 1st place; Miles Branum, 2nd place Music memory, 5th grade: Miles Branum, 1st place; Raluca Vasiloiu, 2nd place; Ella Richards, 3rd place Dictionary skills, 5th grade: Raluca Vasiloiu, 2nd place; Libby Lane, 4th place; Keela King, 6th place Maps, Graphs, Chart, 5th grade: Zeph Tejada, 1st place; Laney Kimbro, 3rd place Social Studies, 5th grade: Trent Berngen, 1st place; Harrison Barnhardt, 5th place Listening skills, 5th grade: Emerald Edginton, 1st place

Spelling, 6th grade: Harris Sullivan, 2nd place Ready writing, 6th grade: Harper Creel, 6th place Mathematics, 6th grade: Jett Brock, 2nd place Oral reading, 6th grade: Kendall Bailey, 1st place Art, 6th grade: Gannon Guy, 1st place tie with Harris Sullivan; Kendall Bailey, 4th place tie with Oaklan Hopkins Calculator Apps, 6th grade: Samuel Lee, 2nd place; Harris Sullivan, 3rd place Chess, 6th grade: Kaci Anderson, 3rd place; Kasen Hart, 6th place Science, 6th grade: Odin Savard, 4th place Dictionary Skills, 6th grade: Harris Sullivan, 1st place; Odin Savard, 2nd place; Grace Jeske, 3rd place Social studies, 6th grade: Harris Sullivan, 6th place Listening skills, 6th grade: Grace Jeske, 1st place Music memory, 6th grade: Laney Kimbro, 1st place; Grace Jeske, 2nd place; Emerald Edgington, 3rd place Olney Junior High School results:

Ready writing, 8th grade: Ave Stewart, 5th place Editorial writing, 7th grade: Crayton Nash, 6th place Editorial writing, 8th grade: Sophie Roach, 4th place Listening, 7th grade: Fernanda Cardenas, 5th place Listening, 8th grade: Sophie Roach, 1st place; Foster Sullivan, 2nd place; Ava Stewart, 4th place Social studies, 7th grade: Jackson Spurlock, 2nd place; Bennett Powers, 3rd place Social studies, 8th grade: Colby Jackson, 2nd place; Foster Sullivan, 3rd place tie with Ben Baran Chess, 7th grade: Mackenzie Berngen, 1st place Chess, 8th grade: Connor Watson, 6th place Number sense, 7th grade: Shaine Grard, 2nd place Number sense, 8th grade: Sophie Roach, 1st place; Foster Sullivan, 2nd place; Braelyn Casteel, 4th place Science, 7th grade: Victoria Pint, 4th place; Richard Elizondo, 5th place Science, 8th grade: Colby Johnson, 4th place Maps, Graphs and Charts, 7th grade: Jackson Spurlock, 5th place Maps, Graphs and Charts, 8th grade: Braelyn Casteel, 3rd place Dictionary skills, 7th grade: AJ Solano, 2nd place Dictionary skills, 8th grade: Sophie Roach, 1st place; Foster Sullivan, 4th place; Blaize DeVries, 5th place Mathematics, 7th grade: Shaine Grard, 4th place Mathematics, 8th grade: Sophie Roach, 1st place; Foster Sullivan, 3rd place Impromptu speaking, 7th grade: Emma Terrell, 4th place Calculator applications, 7th grade: Adrian Melchor, 2nd place; AJ Solano, 3rd place Calculator applications, 8th grade: Braelyn Casteel, 1st place tie with Sophie Roach and Darla Castillo Art, 8th grade: Ryder Lisle, 1st place tie with Emily Morcom, Darla Castillo and Braelyn Casteel