3-day camp helps Little Cubs prepare for a future in football

3-day camp helps Little Cubs prepare for a future in football

June 1, Olney ISD coaches (led by athletic director and Olney Cub varsity football head coach - Jody Guy) began a 3 day football camp, giving 1st through 6th graders the necessary tools needed to become successful Cub football players.

Coach Guy said, “we have 1st through 6th graders out here just having a good time playing football.” Coach Guy went on to state that besides having fun, the objective was to give the little cubs a chance at learning the fundamentals of football. Some of the skills taught while at camp were learning how to throw the ball, perform a tackle, running with the ball and how to lineup on the ball before plays.

Coach Guy said that although they had a late start last summer, this year the coaches were able to get the camp started with no problems.

“This camp is what kicks off the summer programs,” stated Coach Guy. Olney Cub senior football players will be taking part in a 7 on 7 program Tuesday nights as part of a summer football program. Please pick up future copies of the Olney Enterprise to read all about it!

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