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Will B. Jammin’

As I get older, my memories fade more and more each day. At least that’s what I perceive when trying to recall fond or not so fond memories. When a song comes on the radio, a memory pops up along with it. What’s so amazing to me is that this memory is so vivid.

 I have always loved music. Almost every great memory I have is tied to music. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I hear a song and a memory pops up. I remember my first date with my wife of 20 years included her singing to me in the car. It was one of many reasons I fell in love with her on that very first date. Our song is Kenny Chesney’s “Me and You.” Every time I hear it, I am transported back in time to that first date.

I remember when I was younger and riding with Dad or Mom, they would always listen to the same music. I would ask myself, how they can listen to the same thing all the time? I thought I would never be like that. Fast forward 35 years and I have become ust like them. But now I know why. I have tied my memories to the music that was playing when creating the memory. If you happen to see me listening to my 80s music with a big ole smile on my face, you will know I am fondly reliving my youth through the memories that pop up while jammin’ out to some sweet tunes.

This is Will B. Jammin’ saying pump up the volume.

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