Why Should You Support Your Hometown Newspaper?

Publisher’s Points to Ponder:

This past week, I had an opportunity to get out into the community to visit with some of our advertisers, readers and residents in Olney and Newcastle. The best part of my job is getting to know people. I love hearing your stories and ideas to make our community stronger.

In conversing with various people, I was surprised to learn that some folks thought the paper is still under the ownership of Mosier Communications and the Graham Leader. Others said they were not aware that we had a newspaper in Olney. That last comment broke my heart every time I heard it. For clarity, the Olney Enterprise newspaper is owned by the Perry’s Foundation, which is a non-profit 501(c)(3) private foundation. The Perry’s Foundation purchased Olney Enterprise in April 2017. We are located at 213 E. Main Street - downtown Olney - in the same building as the Olney Heritage Museum, which is also part of the Perry’s Foundation.

Since the purchase of the newspaper, our primary goal has been to strengthen our community as well as our surrounding communities in Young County. How do we achieve this goal? One way we do this is to use our profits and resources to create jobs that allow people who live in Olney to work in Olney and contribute their earnings to the local economy. Another way is to provide internship opportunities to students in our community who are interested in journalism, mass communication or business. By providing these opportunities, we give students a first-hand look at how every facet of the newspaper business operates, and how to use critical thinking and creativity to expand readership and become a resource to the readers. When you support the paper through advertising, subscribing, or submitting content, you are taking an active role in building a stronger community. We return your dollars to the community through scholarships and grants that the board of directors awards through the Perry’s Foundation.

One last issue I’d like to address about the importance of supporting your hometown newspaper is the misconception that printed papers are antiquated. I subscribe to the notion that printed publications can’t compete with the speed of the 24-hour news cycle or social media. Believe it or not, many avid readers still prefer the printed newspaper with their cup of coffee. However, we provide both printed and electronic newspaper subscriptions. When you subscribe to the printed version, you automatically qualify for the electronic version. Or for a lower price, you may subscribe to the electronic version only. The App is also available so you can receive your news on the go.

I am grateful for all of our supporters as this allows. When you support us, we grow stronger together.

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