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A new independence

Independence Day - July 4, 1776. As we celebrate this July 4, let us reflect on our Declaration of Independence from England and the monarchy of the Crown, King George III, and what Colonial America was declaring independence from. In the years leading up to that day, the colonists were subjected to many grievances from the Crown, as they had become nothing more than peons to rule over for the extraction of revenue in the form of taxes, duties, trade deficits and penalties that enriched the Lords and their government, the Crown.

On that day in July 1776, the colonists had had enough and declared their independence from an overreaching and intrusive government. While we live in a democratic republic and it is not quite the same, maybe it is time to declare another independence. It is time the American taxpayer declares independence from career politicians. Politicians that have done nothing in any other career; creating bloated government bureaucracies, exploding national debts and run-away illegal immigration. Our children and we are saddled by debt and taxes because politicians have a spending problem. They are never concerned about spending because it is never their money. They go to Washington enriching themselves in ways ordinary Americans aren’t able to, living off the backs of taxpayers and spending our hard-earned tax dollars like there was a fire sale at Tiffany’s.

Don’t get me wrong; a certain level of government is necessary. But it is time to declare independence from career politicians like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Robert O’Rourke and their ilk. Bernie went from living out of a car to owning two vacation homes during his tenure as a Democrat mayor, U.S. Representative and Senator while his wife was accused of misrepresenting donor information related to bank loans for the college she served as president. Hunter Biden, son of Joe, coincidentally sits on the boards of Ukraine’s largest gas producer and a Chinese sponsored $1.5 billion investment fund that he organized after a trip to China in 2013 accompanied by his Vice-President father. Now how many thinks that ole Hunter would have landed these plums if his father were not Vice-President and linked directly to foreign policy matters? O’Rourke seems content to charm the masses with teeth whitening and skateboarding but has never held a real job besides small time family connected ventures and a stint as a U.S. Representative living on our dime. But he, Biden and Sanders, et al. are more than capable of spending anyone else’s money for all the freebies they are promising as candidates because in their world money is never the issue - they’ll confiscate more of it from their subjects.

Just as the Lords and King of England grew fat on political connections, trade deficits, taxes and duties from the Colonies, ’today’s career politicians are little better growing fat from our hard labor, never making the hard fiscal decisions; just kicking it on down the road for another day when the political climate is better. Except a better political climate will never come as more and more Americans are promised government entitlements in their daily lives, so the spending becomes more and more comfortable until there are more receiving entitlements than those that are paying into the entitlements. Paraphrasing Dwight Eisenhower, “the more we make the State the Caretaker of our lives, the closer we make the State the Master of our lives.”

When that day comes, we will be subjects ruled over once again - by just another King George. It’s time to declare another independence.

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