My Nickel’s Worth Age Reversal?

A new study came out about the possibility of being able to reverse the biological aging process. An article by Fox News states that “Volunteers in a California study were given a cocktail of three common drugs for one year-growth hormone and two diabetes medications. But upon further analysis, they found had lost an average of 2.5 years on their “epigenetic clock,” measured by analyzing marks on a person’s genomes, according to the Journal Nature. “

This study is an astounding discovery to me. With regular people like you and me volunteering to do this in California and those people seeing actual results from this experiment, which could change a lot of things.   Imagine taking these three drugs every year and seeing your biological age decrease by a few years every time you use it. This kind of discovery makes you wonder if it is this real. You may question the reliability and the availability of this product to the public.

“The researchers are planning a larger study with more diverse participants by age, gender and ethnicity, and the three drugs are being tested independently to determine special effects,” said Morgan Phillips of Fox News.

This research is an indication that scientists are going to expand on these results with more people who are willing to participate. If these studies are accurate, this could add years to our lives, and increase life expectancy drastically. Just think about the many more years you could spend on this earth, the way your body would physically feel, the options feel limitless. If these turned out to be reliable drugs that never give you any pain or lasting side effects, maybe we could get to a point where we could be whatever age we wanted to biologically—although no matter how many years we are on this earth or how we look physically. Nothing will ever change our past, the experiences we have had or our real age on the inside. Many of us will think of this as a positive, and why not?

Everyone wants to feel great physically and stay young forever—but there are also the negatives. Is this going against what God wants for us? Does this mean that some of us could live on earth for as long as we want? Will the earth get overpopulated? Lots of things circulate through my mind hearing of this, but we will have to hang tight until the more extensive studies begin, to see what all our futures could be.

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