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My Nickel’s Worth

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, I have noticed that each person is handling it differently. Some people and families are deciding to stay inside and quarantine throughout this time, not leaving the house at all other than for essentials needs. Others are choosing to let this not completely control their lives, deciding to take road trips to the mountains, a walk at the park, amongst other things. It is always fascinating to see from afar how people handle certain events differently but through all of it, I believe the most important thing is to respect one another and respect our decision-making.

If you are a person who is still not comfortable going out because of this pandemic, or if you are that person who is ready to go inside to eat at your favorite Mexican restaurant, let’s respect each other while still taking the necessary precautions through this time. If you are able to continue to work from home for the time being because you are not

comfortable, stay at home if you are continually able to do your job. If you have family members who are not ready to go out yet, especially if they are older, respect this decision because regardless of restrictions being eased, this is an ongoing situation, and we must acknowledge each other at this time.

I have seen numerous suggestions and opinions across social media platforms for months now but especially with a few states attempting to open back up.

I have my own opinions on this issue, but what matters the most is that this ongoing pandemic does not cause us to lose our relationships with friends, family, and our co-workers/employers.

Each one of us as individuals have our own unique opinions that allow us to co-exist. But, through this unprecedented time, let us remember most of all to treat each other with the utmost respect.

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