• Memories & Moments

Memories & Moments

Newcastle High School Senior: Victoria Richards, Salutatorian

1. As you think about your high school years, what is a favorite memory? “There is one occasion that I vividly remember and continues to make me laugh today. Quint got finished welding a trailer and walked up to the table I was sitting at in the ag shop. He started a normal conversation, but it didn’t take long for me to notice his leg was on fire. In typical Quint fashion he didn’t make a big deal about it, he simply grabbed a bottle of water, put the fire out and continued the conversation like nothing had happened. “

2. What are 3 of your most valued accomplishments, besides being at the top of your class? “My most valued accomplishment would have to be placing in the top 20 and my team finishing 3rd at a national 4-H livestock judging contest. I am also very proud to say that I am a member of the Texas 4-H council and have my FFA Lone Star degree. “

3. What activities did you enjoy? “I truly enjoyed all of the community service activities I did through high school. I also really enjoyed livestock judging and being a member of the student council. “

4. What were your leadership roles? “I held class offices and was the president of the senior class. I have been the secretary and Vice President of the student council and reporter and Vice President of the Newcastle FFA chapter. Outside of school I also held local, district, and state 4-H offices as well as participated in mentoring programs. “

5. What is the secret to your success? And what is success to you? “I’m not sure there is a real secret to success, but I find my success in a meaningful relationship with my God, my family, and my friends. “

6. What can you say to other students about how you have dealt with adversity? “I haven’t really faced severe adversity, but I would just say keep your head up, keep smiling, and bring light and joy to all you meet. “

7. What are your plans after high school? “I will be attending West Texas A&M University where I will pursue a degree in Agribusiness and continue to advocate for agriculture in our changing world. “

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I would like to say in 10 years I see myself married, living on a ranch outside of a small town, with a few kids. But I’m not sure what the future brings. However, I am sure I will rejoice every day and be glad where I am because I know God put me there. “

9. If you could re-live one high school moment, what would it be? “If I could re-live any high school moment it would have to be the time Edwin slung me around in a chair so hard I flew out and hit a table. I would go back to that moment and make him get in that chair first. “

10. What would people be surprised to know about you? “I am honestly terrified of frogs. This seems strange because I deal with them on a regular basis but they have always creeped me out. “

11. How do you wish to be remembered by your school? I would like to be remembered as someone who spreads kindness and compassion to everyone. As someone anyone could talk to about anything and someone who would always be willing to help.

12. Senior quote? “I thank God for my failures. Maybe not at the time but after some reflection.” -Dolly Parton.

13. Favorite song? “Oh Happy Day” by Edwin Hawkin Singers.

14. Favorite movie? “8 Seconds.”

15. Favorite book? “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.”

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