• The Health Benefits of Kiwis

The Health Benefits of Kiwis

What is green, hairy and 100 percent edible? Wait for it... It’s a Kiwi. And it is loaded with many health benefits you may not be aware of while searching for a way to boost your immune system.

Many people think that the Kiwifruit is a combination of strawberries and melons mostly. This is not true and is one of the biggest misconceptions about kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is not a hybrid of any other fruit but is an original and pure fruit that surfaced in China; It is now grown in the United States and several other countries including New Zealand and Europe.

So, what makes this unique fruit special? There are many health benefits associated with eating kiwifruit. Here are a few facts you may not know--Kiwifruit has: more potassium than bananas; more Vitamin C than an orange; more Vitamins E and K than an avocado; and more fiber than a bowl of cereal.

Two kiwifruits (approximately 148g) has only 100 calories and only 1 gram of fat. With this low caloric content, you can munch away.

While munching, you may get confused about eating the seeds, the core, and the skin. Guess what? You can eat it all. In fact, the skin is what makes this fruit healthier and more delicious. Studies show that the skin triples the fiber intake. You can toss one into your fruit smoothie for a delicious and healthy snack on the go.

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