Young County Republicans discuss the need to vote

Young County Republicans discuss the need to vote

The Young County Republicans held a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8 to discuss upcoming events, the need to vote, and to introduce the candidates running for the Texas State Senate Seat for District 30— including Craig Carter, Andy Hopper and Sharon Van Baale, who represented Drew Springer.

The three candidates have hit the ground running on the campaign trail the last few weeks— with early voting beginning on Sept. 14 and the special election day set for Sept. 30.

The first candidate to speak on the evening was Craig Carter, who is from the small town of Nocona, Texas. Carter discussed the need for new job growth and how important it is to vote for a candidate who has a proven track record of success and results. Carter is a businessman who has opened 12 boot stores all around Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, as well as the store he has in Nocona. Carter has created 100 jobs throughout his short journey.

“I am kind of a quiet person who is just a results guy,” Carter said. Carter encouraged everyone in Young County to look up his website, CraigCarterforTexas, where he has posted videos about different topics, as well as other facets of his journey. “If we all stop and if we give up our freedoms and we close our doors, there is no future,” Carter added. Carter discussed the need for finding new Tax bases, new revenue streams and other resources that are sitting vacate.

“What if you inspire a group of people that work together and start changing that, you can look around and your community looks completely different—there is new construction going on, new industries be creating, all from one person standing up and saying that I am going to make a difference,” Carter stated. Carter discussed the need for electing local officials and politicians that are not using their office as a steppingstone and start electing individuals who get results, as well as having to have term limits. Carter ended his speech by encouraging the public to research his background and what he stands for.

Next up to speak at the meeting was Andy Hopper, who is a software engineer, a small farmer and a warrant officer in the Texas State guard. “I am running for Senate District 30 because I believe that Texans are the best people to decide what is best for Texas and not the elected federal bureaucrats or elected federal judges,” Hopper said. Hopper said that although things have gotten better the past four years “we are going to need strong conservatives in our legislature that will stand up for the rights for Texans,” Hopper added. Hopper is a passionate farmer who wants to help continue a bright future for the farming industry.

The next speaker was Sharon Van Baale, who was there to speak on behalf of Rep. Drew Springer. Van Baale has worked with Rep. Springer for several years now, and states that she has seen how hard Springer has worked for the small counties that he represents. “He still tries to do the best he can and everything he can in your best interest—not his, but the interest in his small counties,” Sharon added. She continued to speak on his ability to connect with all individuals in his counties, saying that Springer wants to speak with anyone and everyone one and one if at all possible. Van Baale discussed some of the results we have seen from Rep. Springer, including voting to cut property Texas by 5 billion dollars. Rep. Springer wants to fix the economy by balancing the budget, limiting government intrusion, and cutting out regulations. Rep. Springers campaign also discusses the importance of increasing funds for law enforcement, public education and make sure that more money goes into the classroom and not bureaucracy his is something that Rep. Springer was working on in the last session, according to Van Baale, but states that Springer wants to further act upon the public education system.

“The top priority for me is what is coming up in Austin with property tax reform and going after fixing that with a creative solution—not looking at it in the same way that we have, but just finding a solution,” Craig Carter added in his final comments. Candidate Andy Hopper added that he is “constantly impressed with the quality of rural Texans” as Hopper states that running for Senate District 30 has been the experience of his life.

On top of the guest speakers in attendance, the meeting consisted on the need to vote in this upcoming election, as well as the November election. “Counties like Young County are the reason that Ted Cruz won re-election in the Senate,” one of the citizens at the meeting said.

The conversation furthered by discussing how crucial each vote is—while making sure that even if Young County is 99 percent red, they can continue to try to get the other one percent.

The next Young County Republicans meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 6— just under four weeks before the Nov. 3 election.

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