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STAAR Students at Olney Junior High

Olney Junior High has elected to share exciting news with the community about the STAAR exam results from six students who scored remarkably well. These students are Joseph McGeehon, Zachary Estridge, Aidyn Bitner, Caleb Johnson, Victoria Shelton,  and Joselyn Marquez. They all qualified to enroll in the Duke Talent Identification Program for scoring 95% or higher on one, or even multiple STAAR exams in the sixth grade.  

According to www.totip.duke.edu, the Duke University Talent Identification Program is a nonprofit organization that supports academically talented students in grades four through 12. The program offers above-grade-level testing, enrichment resources, yearround learning options and residential summer programs. “This an incredible feat for young students that are only around the ages of 11-13. We also have such an amazing group of teachers in this community that put these kids in an excellent position to succeed in all of the facets, so we also want to thank all teachers and Olney ISD for all that they do,” said a school official.  

If you see any of these kids pictured or know them personally, congratulate them on their success. It can be difficult for students to focus consistently on academics and studying as these kids did for an exam as rigorous as the STAAR exam. The Olney community should be proud to see children in this town that are succeeding at such an extraordinary level.  

We once again congratulate you on your success and are so excited to see the things and the impact you will have in the future!

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