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Sr. Cub Center Director Retires After 32 Years

On Dec.30, Senior Cubs and staff gathered at the Senior Cub Center located in Olney, to celebrate the retirement of Jerri Ford, Director of the Cub Center.

Ford began working at the Cub Center in 1989 as a receptionist and later as the Cub Center’s director. Ford, a stay-at-home mom at the time, was looking to enter the workforce and saw an ad for a receptionist job with the b Center and the rest was history.

Ford said the Olney City Administrator, Jack Northrop, helped to get the Cub Center started with a home delivery meal program, along with the help of Harry Mar. Ford says the Cub Center added a kitchen/dining room for in center dining and activities over time. The Center now provides weekly blood pleasure checks and other medical checkups provided by outside nurses.

Ford said regarding her duties at the Center, “I did everything because we had a small staff, so you had to know the business in and out. You are able to cook, do small repairs, manage the whole financial part of the grants and your employees. You just do everything. You have a board that regulates and does the procedures.”

Ford says she plans to do what most do when they retire, sleep in, visit with family, grandchildren and visit with the many friends she has made throughout the years working at the Cub Center. Ford said she just grew to love all the people she met over the years, which included people from all walks of life.

Ford said, “The Cub Center will still need lots of help with donations and volunteers.”

To learn more about the Senior Cub Center please visit their Facebook page, @Olney-CubCenter.