Springer Wins Senate District 30 Seat in Special Election

Springer Wins Senate District 30 Seat in Special Election

Drew Springer secured the Senate District 30 Seat with 32,599 votes—defeating Shelly Luther by more than 7,400 votes according to the unofficial results reported by Texas Election Results. Luther conceded Saturday night, congratulating Springer on his win.

Senator-elect Springer acknowledged supporters in Olney and Young County in an interview with Olney Enterprise.

“Thank you to all the voters, volunteers, block walkers and the poll workers, working so close to the Christmas Season. And thank you especially to the Olney community for showing up and supporting me with almost 66 percent of the vote in Young County. I am honored to have such strong support from the people who know me best, my current constituents,” Springer said.

Having received support from Governor Abbott and the National Rifle Association, among other supporters, Springer said that he would continue advancing the conservative priorities of District 30.

“After being sworn-in, I will hit the ground running fighting for the unique needs of our region. I have spent the last several months visiting with thousands of constituents in Senate District 30, and the message was loud and clear: more must be done to rein in executive power, reduce property taxes, secure the border, improve election integrity, protect unborn life and expand the Second Amendment,” Springer said.

Although Gov. Abbott has not yet announced the special election to fill his seat in the House, Springer will transition to his new role in January 2021. Regarding bridging the gap on Senator Fallon’s pending legislative issues for District 30, Springer said, “If you have any issues you were working on with Senator Fallon that need addressing, I am happy to look at them and see if we can address them in Austin.”

While Springer embraces a senator’s responsibilities, he does not foresee any disconnection with the Olney businesses in his new role.

“I will continue to represent Olney in the state Senate. You can bet I will continue to fight on local businesses’ behalf. I will continue to partner with businesses to help them keep the hundreds of jobs that they provide the community. Many of these incentives come at no cost to the taxpayers,” said Springer.

Springer’s constituents in the community wanted assurance that Springer will remain actively involved with Olney and the surrounding areas in Young County. Springer responded, “Absolutely! The town hall meetings will not be going away. Good representation requires frequent communication with constituents.”

An example of Springer’s involvement with the community on local issues is evident with Dustin Heard—the Olney resident and U.S. military soldier involved with Raven 23/Biden Four. Springer’s influence was instrumental in Heard’s release as President Trump recently pardoned him. “I am extremely excited that those soldiers get to come home. I am surprised that it has taken so long for them to be released,” Springer said. “I will support him any way I can,” Springer said. “It has been an honor to represent Young County and House District 68 for the last eight years. I am committed to representing Young County and [Senate District]30 in the same vigorous way.”

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