• The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Christian Sanders said Graham Regional Theatre (GRT) originally postponed summer camp to later in the summer, but after doing some surveying and checking schedules it was found that doing so would just conflict with too many schedules with school beginning in August.

GRT was pleasantly surprised when those (including seniors) who had already paid for summer camp donated the paid fees to GRT so others who may not be able to afford the camp would have a chance to attend. Sanders wanted everyone to know that everything that was planned for this summer has just been moved to next summer so nothing will be missed along with some surprises since everyone already knows what to expect.

With 40 kids in a camp, GRT made the tough but right call to postpone then move the camp to next summer. GRT did not want to be the reason a hot spot would pop up with Covid-19. This decision was made after careful consideration for everyone involved with the Theatre..

Sanders was excited to announce that GRT has a variety show in the works once the County decides it is safe to gather again. A variety show will not only have a great deal of--for lack of a better word, variety--it will allow the actors and actresses to practice their skit or routine being that each part of the show is comprised of one person per act.

Sanders urged that everyone keep checking with the GRT Facebook page and the GRT web site: grahamregionaltheatre. com the date for the variety show, which may be found quickly. All patrons who have been missing the productions of GRT can make plans to purchase tickets and enjoy the performances of GRT once again.

GRT and Sanders are extremely thankful to all their patrons, supporters and donors who make it possible for the Theater to be a success. If you would like to help support the Graham Regional Theatre, please visit the GRT website at grahamregionaltheatre.com and click on the Angel tab on the left-hand side of the screen or call 940- 532-1252 GRT is located at 521 Elm Street Graham, TX 76450.

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