Reinforcements Arrive for the

Reinforcements Arrive for the Olney Cubs

Just in time to begin the summer programs for strength, fitness and football training for the upcoming year Olney ISD has hired some new coaches to help fill rolls that where vacated at the end of the school year as well as bring in some added expertise to take the Cubs sports program to the next level.

Greg Fortner comes from Tascosa ISD where he was the head offensive Coach. Coach Fortner will take over as the Offensive Coordinator for the Varsity Olney Cubs. Coach Fortner making his home here in Olney with his wife and 3 children. Coach Fortner’s wife Laura will be opening a new business here in Olney called Cub Nutrition. Be sure to read future editions for that story. Coach Fortner says” be excited its going to be a different type of football here, with no low confidence and no more losses by which I believe losing season. Confidence is high and spirits are hopeful with the new editions to the Cub Football program.

Jason Powers comes from Tascosa ISD as well and will be the Varsity Cub Defensive Coordinator. Coach Powers plans to run the same type of defense as he did at Tascosa which is a very fast and sound defense. Coach Powers says” with the summer workout programs it will have the kids firing on all cylinders as far as base defense is concerned”. Coach Powers makes Olney home with his wife and 3 kids. Coach Powers asked in closing that the community come out to support the Cubs. Coach Powers says they plan to change the culture to and mindset to a winning one and has the track record to back it up. The Coaches helped build the previous school football program from a 1-9 season to state semifinalist.

Chase Duncan is the Olney Varsity Baseball new Head Coach. Although this is Coach Duncan’s first year as a head coach, he comes from Tioga ISD where they coaching staff took a team that was at the bottom of the district and turned them into a team that was on track to finish in the top 3 in district before the season was shut down by the Covid-19 precautions. With the help of Coach Duncan, they were able to increase stolen bases from around 20 at the start to around 80 stolen bases over the course of 12 games. Coach Duncan plans to bring that kind of excitement to the Olney Cubs.

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