• Ready or Not: Telehealth is Here

Ready or Not: Telehealth is Here

Telehealth has been at the forefront of many discussions in media especially considering COVID-19, which has prevented many people from visiting their doctor face-to-face. Telehealth means that you get to access healthcare services through a computer or phone when you are unable to leave home. Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, many healthcare providers are gravitating to telehealth care to accommodate patients. Although telehealth has been beneficial on many levels by helping to improve patients’ health, it has also presented some challenges.

Some people commented about liking the convenience of telehealth especially with people who have to are unable to take time away from work. Others like the savings associated with telehealth services. In some cases, telehealth services are less expensive than having to pay the cost of a doctor’s visit. Other benefits include increased time for doctors and nurses to attend to patients who may have more serious illnesses.

On the other hand, there are the people who do not enjoy having a barrier between them and their position. They love the physical connection and face-to-face contact with their doctor Others are not fans of telehealth because they believe they are not getting the same quality of care you receive during an in-person doctor’s visit.

Locally, Graham Healthcare Clinic and Olney Family Clinic are offering telemedicine. According to a statement from Olney Family Clinic, “In an effort to decrease the spread of germs and infection, Olney Family Clinic is offering clinic patients Tele-visits.” Both clinics are still open for walk-in visits. Share your thoughts with us online.

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