Olney vies for $275,000 block grant

The Olney City Council hopes the third time is a charm as it once again vies for a Texas Community Development Block Grant.

Last week, the council held its first public hearing regarding the block grant, which is facilitated by the Texas Department of Agriculture and meant for developing city infrastructure.

“Obviously, water, sewer drainage, all of these things are available on your (Olney’s) application,” Block Grant Consultant Shelly Green said.

The grant could provide Olney with up to $275,000. In the past, Olney has used the block grant to fund capital fund improvements for Air Tractor and Cherry Vale Farms  (1996), capital fund improvements to Tower Extrusions (1998) and water and sewer improvements from 1999 and 2003. During the previous three years, Olney has applied for a block grant, the city focused on water and sewer improvements. Despite being rejected the last three years, for lack of block program points that Olney has accrued with each rejection,  Green believes Olney has a strong chance of receiving grants this year.

“Your high priority activities are water and sewer drainage,” Green said. “... You’ve been very successful, especially with your capital funds. You have had some very good projects. Danny  (Parker, city administrator) met this afternoon and you have submitted a sewer system improvement project the last two times. I think we have pinpointed why you have not received funding the last two times. There is not very much money in this region ... I would say submit the sewer project again. We’re working on getting you maximum points on that project, if that project is where you want to go. There are not many places you can change (from last year’s application).”

Green said the city could add more points to its rating if it kicks in five percent of the requested funds , which is approximately $13,000.

“We’re probably going to get full points this time,” Green said. 

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