Olney ISD School Board Meeting

On May 13, the Olney ISD School Board held its monthly meeting. The meeting was called to order, and a quorum was announced to be present.

The Board briefly acknowledged the board members who were re-elected and retained their positions with no change, followed by retaking the oath.

Meeting notes from the previous meeting were read and approved, along with the financial report.

Reverend Milks addressed the Board during the public comments section of the meeting. His topic was his stance that all the elementary students should get a participation award whether they did anything to deserve it or not. He believes it does harm to leave a student out of the awards.

The meeting moved on to include a presentation from Trinity Hills Wind Farm. No real findings were determined; it was more or less just an update on where they were at in the acquisition. Trinity Hills will be removing a considerable portion of the windmills and replacing them with a better functioning turbine that will increase the production of energy.

The Board discussed an increase in cafeteria lunch prices and approved a 25-cent increase.

There was a lengthy discussion on how teachers who are salary capped could somehow receive additional compensation. Various ideas were discussed, including one that would let teachers turn in unused days at the end of the year for, as of yet, an undisclosed amount of compensation.

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