Week of May 3 - 7

We offer a daily assortment of veggies, fruit, milk and desserts.


Cinnamon Roll, Assorted Cereal Bars, Assorted Muffins, String Cheese, Breakfast Parfait, PBJ Sandwich, Cereal Bowls, Yogurt, Chicken and Waffles, Sausage/Egg Biscuit, Breakfast Taquito, Sausage Biscuit, Sausage Biscuit w/Cheese, Breakfast Burrito, Crackers & Cheese, Stuffed Bagel, Breakfast Pizza, Pancakes, Bacon, Pancake on a Stick, Kolache, French Toast Sticks, Sausage Breakfast Cookie, Donut & Sausage, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Sunrise Sandwich, Chicken & Biscuit Breakfast Strudel, Cheese Omelet. Condiments: Jelly, Syrup, Mustard, Taco Sauce. Assorted Juices and Milk Offered Every day. Breakfast comes with assorted fruit, juice and milk. Lunch comes with assorted fresh fruits, veggies and assorted milk.

Mon. Enchiladas or taquitos

Tues. Meatball sub or chili cheese totchos

Wed. Chicken nuggets or Asian bowl

Thurs. Pizza choice or ham-cheese melt

Fri. Cheeseburger or stuffed baked potato

The Olney Enterprise

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PO Box 577

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