OHHD Tax Cap Increase Meeting: Exemptions Will Apply to Those 65 + and Disabled

OHHD Tax Cap Increase Meeting: Exemptions Will Apply to Those 65 + and Disabled

Olney Hamilton Hospital CEO Mike Huff hosted a meeting Thursday, Oct. 8 at the Hamilton Hospital Education Building. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the tax cap increase that will be on the ballot in the upcoming election.

The meeting attendees are as follows: Dan Branum, Cindy Goldsmith, Samantha Isbell, Dale Lovett, Lindsey McClelland, Mark McClelland, Kendall Montgomery, Carla Perry, Stasha Siegert, Steve Slater, Valerie Stroud, Ethan Nickel and Ronni Walker.

The meeting began with the discussion of the $4 million stimulus that the hospital received. Huff described COVID projects that will be funded with the government stimulus.

“In April, we were fortunate to receive stimulus money that came in different forms. We were blessed to have the money to be able to fund several COVID-related projects,” Huff explained.

As the meeting progressed, Huff discussed the importance of voting yes for Proposition A on the Nov. 3 ballot stating that the tax cap increase would allow an exemption for those aged 65 and over and the disabled.

For further clarification about the exemption, we reached out to the chief appraiser for Young Central Appraisal District, Luke Robbins.

“The [Olney] hospital district will grant a 30 percent exemption based on the assessed value of your home for the hospital district tax. So, if you’re over 65 and your homestead is valued at [Example] $45,000, they will reduce that down to $31,500 value for the hospital district tax only,” Robbins explained. “This 30% decrease in assessed value applies to the assessed value, which can change in any given tax year.” ¬

Refer to the sample ballot located on page four. Early voting begins October 13.

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