A Kind Gesture by Carr’s Custom Leather Goes a Long Way with Local Vet

A Kind Gesture by Carr’s Custom Leather Goes a Long Way with Local Vet

Brian Carr of Carr’s Custom Leather here in Olney, Texas was recently visited by Neil Larimore, a Korean war veteran, who was looking to have a custom belt made. Larimore was told by the next door business owner Gena Phillips, owner of Lone Star Pizza and Bakery, that Carr’s Custom Leather was the best place to have a custom belt made.

Carr graduated from Olney High School and later moved away to south Texas. Carr recently moved back to Olney to be closer to family and open his custom leather shop. Carr wanted to open a business that he was great at but also one that would allow him a flexible schedule so he could enjoy more activities with his children. Carr’s Custom Leather started as a saddle repair business and expanded from there to include all types of leather products, such as belts.

Brian Carr said, “If I can see it, I can build it.”

After taking Larimore’s measurements and belt order, Carr visited with Gena Phillips and discovered Larimore was a Korean war veteran. Larimore ran some errands around town and later returned to pick up his order. As Gena Phillips, Herb Bernhardt and Neil Larimore sat discussing what was going on around Olney, Carr had a chance to think about Larimore’s sacrifice in the service of this country and decided he would gift the belt in honor of Larimore’s service.

When Larimore asked how much the belt would be Carr said, “You paid for it with your service to the United States of America. I appreciate your service. Thank you and God Bless you!”

Later, Carr asked Larimore if he could have a photo with him out front. Larimore was kind enough to oblige. So, the two sat out front as Herb Bernhardt snapped a quick photo. Carr says it is best to give him a shout on the phone to make sure he is at the shop, or if his truck is out front you are welcome to come on in.

You can reach Carr’s Custom Leather for all your saddle and leather products at 254-784-3213.

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