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Hunting for a Kangaroo Down Under

We traveled 18 hours on a flight from Dallas to Sydney, Australia and then to Melbourne. We wandered around in a rental car expecting to see kangaroos with frequency. Don’t they live in Australia? They only live in numbers in the parts of Australia that we DIDN’T visit. We covered quite a lot of Australia--coastal areas, inland flatlands and even some mountainous areas. On our fourth day, we finally spotted some two fields away! Indeed, nothing I had could take a decent picture. You could barely pick them out as kangaroos! See for yourself!!! By the end of two weeks in Australia, we had seen two others that dashed out of a wooded area to the edge of the road then ran away as quickly as it appeared. Not a chance for a shot! We were still hunting for a photo opp toward the end of our two weeks. We took a threeday and two-night train ride and stared out the windows watching for another opportunity. Finally, one was sighted out of the window, but it went hopping off too! So, at last, we flew back to Sydney to catch our flight to New Zealand, and had to go to the ZOO to get a picture of a kangaroo!!! Hmmm… and I expected we’d see kangaroos all over the place… like cows in Texas!!!

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