Hospital Foundation re-elects Officers and grants Capital Request to OHH
Hospital Foundation re-elects Officers and grants Capital Request to OHH

Hospital Foundation re-elects Officers and grants Capital Request to OHH

The Board of Directors of the Olney Hamilton Hospital Foundation met Monday, April 12, 2021, at 5 p.m. at the Olney Hamilton Hospital Education Building located at 901 W. Hamilton Street. The following members were present: Dr. Steve Atchley, Lewis Farmer, Marilyn Ickert, Trina Johnson, Don Matthews, Mark McClelland, Kendall Montgomery and Carla Perry. Members absent: Bill Price and Carl Craig. Also present: Mike Huff, Dale Lovett and Olney Enterprise Staff, Will Sadler and Ronni Walker.

President Lewis Farmer called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m., welcomed the guests and board members and asked the members to review the minutes of the annual meeting June 1, 2020. Mark McClelland made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Kendall Montgomery seconded and the motion caried with unanimous approval.

Next on the agenda, members listened to reports of 2020 activities that included brief presentations by Phyllis Whitsitt (President, Hamilton Hospital Auxiliary), Robert Johnston (Administrator, Grace Care Center) and Carmen Burleson (Director of Nurses, Grace Care Center). Missy Reed (Program, Event and marketing manager, OHH) was absent, but she provided a written report.

Phyllis Whitsitt reported that they have 32 dues-paying members, and six of the members are men. She stated the Auxiliary’s main goal is to raise money for the hospital, and she reported on the upcoming hamburger fundraiser in June.

Mike Huff presented a brief update about the wellness center since Missy Reed was absent. He asked the board to refer to the written report that Missy provided. Also, he said the membership has increased since COVID, noting that they are currently at 420 members.

Robert Johnston and Carmen Burleson presented updates about Grace Care Center in the absence of the medical director Dr. Jeremy Johnson. Robert Johnston reported that the majority of their residents have received the COVID vaccination with only four residents who were unable to get the vaccination due to medical reasons.

President Farmer called for the Finance Committee’s (Carl Craig, Lewis Farmer, Mark McClelland) report presented by Mark McClelland. McClelland asked the board to review the P & L and Financial Statements that included the Charles Schwab report. He reported that the financials are up 3.6 percent with net contributions of $1.46 million resulting in an ending value of $2.557 million.

The next topic on the agenda was the OHH Administrator’s report. Mike Huff reported that OHH has given more than 1400 vaccinations, with 379 given by the Archer Family Clinic. Huff also reported on the progress of the construction and said that the new EMS building is currently experiencing a six-week delay in construction.

Next, President Farmer asked Mr. Huff about the stimulus they received. He confirmed that they received $4 million with $1 million allocated for payroll, noting that they did not lay off any staff or reduce any hours because of the pandemic.

The capital request from OHH was next on the agenda. The request was for $98,960. President Farmer asked if there is a motion. Steve Atchley suggested to split the difference and recommended $75K request instead of $98,960. Atchley motioned for $75K and Trina seconded. The motion was carried with a unanimous approval from the board.

President Farmer brought up discussion for the election of officers for 2021, which was the final item on the agenda. Mark McClelland made a motion to keep the existing officers, and Kendall Montgomery seconded. The motion was carried with the unanimous approval by the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 p.m.

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