Glover presents spring piano

Glover presents spring piano recital at Possum Hollow

Carol Glover presents her annual piano recital at Possom Hollow on Possom Kingdom Lake. Front Row (L-R): Carson Kidd, ChandlerTodd, Benjamin Todd, Ethan Piegat, Mae Stewart, Caroline Stewart, Jessa Branum; Back Row (L-R): Jackson Kidd, Jayden Harrell, Lucas Todd, Isabel Piegat, Tillee Bardwell, Ava Stewart, Miles Branum, and teacher, Carol Key Glover. For song selections, please refer to Recital continued on page 6.

Photo Submitted By Kathryn Piegat

Carol Glover’s Spring Piano Recital was held Sunday, May 1 at Possom Hollow Camp and Restaurant in Possum Kingdom.

The students (Refer to Page 1 Photograph) performed the following selections: Jason Kidd - Crowell “The Irishman Dances” and D.C. Glover “The Great Smoky Mountains”; Benjamin Todd - Faber “A Particulary Pleasing Piano Piece” and “Come See the Parade”, Duet assisted by Lucas Todd; Mae Stewart-Mier “Fuzzy Baby Bird”, Gillock “The Brass Band” and Gilkyson/Kern “The Bare Necessities”; Ethan Piegat - D.C. Glover “Sugar Cookies” and “Yo Ho, the Sailor Song”; Jessa Branum Greenleaf “Locomotive Boogie” and Traditional “Whisper a Prayer”; Chandler Todd Stevens “Twister” and K. Olson “Start Your Engines”; Caroline Stewart Gillock “Gypsy Camp” and Mier “Firefly Waltz”; Carson Kidd D.C. Glover “Banjo on My Knee,” Gutierrez “Spirit of the Stallion” and Faber “Pirate of the North Sea”; Miles Branum Satie, abridged “Gymnopedie # 1” and Mancini/Matz “The Pink Panther”; Ava Stewart Noona “The Flaming Tambourine” and Vandall “Lady Allyson’s Minuet”; Isabel Piegat Beethoven “Fur Elise” and arr. Faber “Amazing Grace”; Jayden Harrell Gillock “Deserted Ball Room” and Bober “006 Blues”; Tillee Bardwell Vandall “Prelude #7 in b minor” and Joplin/Bober arr. “The Entertainer”; and Lucas Todd Bober “A Sailor’s Journey” Mvt. 1, “Setting Sail” Mvt. 3 “Raging Storm.”