Girl Scouts Need Volunteers for Lake Cooper Cleanup
Girl Scouts Need Volunteers for Lake Cooper Cleanup

Girl Scouts Need Volunteers for Lake Cooper Cleanup

Girl Scout Troop 8504—represented by Madison Spurlock, Keela King, Laney Kimbro and Bailey Spurlock—appeared before the mayor and City Council members Monday, Feb. 8, to get approval for Lake Cooper Cleanup Day March 20.

The girls explained that they need to “carry out a project,” and after seeing Lake Cooper’s condition, they thought that would be a good project.

“We saw that people use the lake, and they won’t stop throwing trash in the lake. When we saw the lake, it had shirts, bottles, cans, glass and bags. On March 20, we want to clean up the lake so people won’t get hurt,” the troops said to City Council.

The troops ended their presentation with a request for additional trash cans at the lake and volunteers.

Mayor Rogers said, in response to their request, “We will mark our calendars, and once you get it organized and ready to go, let us know how we can help and partner with you. We are thrilled that you’re taking the initiative to clean up Lake Cooper to make it a cleaner and more fun place for the citizens of Olney to enjoy. It shows great leadership on your behalf, and we appreciate you for doing that.”

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 20 at 1 p.m. Volunteers should meet at the public boat ramp.

Troop leader Mindi Kimbro said, “We will provide trash bags and latex gloves. We will also have some “heavy duty” gloves, but anyone who has some is encouraged to bring them.”

You may reach out to Mindi Kimbro for more information and to volunteer. You can contact her by phone at (940) 564-6020 or by email at

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