The election results are in for the county as Young County sees a massive turnout for the November election. More specifically, the city of Olney received the results from the city council race, where candidate Tom Parker won the race with 32.1% of the vote, followed by Terri Wipperman with 30.6%, and current councilperson Harrison Wellman with 25.3%.

The vote for the proposal to increase the district tax cap for the Olney Hamilton Hospital passed with 54.5 % of the vote and 1,026 votes for the increase. The legal sale of all alcohol beverages also passed with 62.2% of the vote and 728 total votes for and 442 votes against.

As for the Young County vote in the presidential race, President Donald J. Trump won Young County handily, receiving 86. 29% percent of the vote, and Senator John Cornyn receiving 88.26% of the vote in the County. President Trump won the state of Texas convincingly and similarly to his 2016 Texas victory after fear of a potential blue wave. In the national election news, we will continue to await official presidential election results as court cases and lawsuits begin this week for potential voter fraud. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the president-elect as of now.

Republicans saw surprising victories in the House of Representatives as Republicans will gain between 5-7 seats after it was expected than Democrats would gain seats in the house. The United States Senate is still up for grabs, with the Georgia senate races heading to January runoff, Republicans need one of those two seats to remain in the Senate majority.

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