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Olney Junior High School 2018-2019 Teachers and Staff

Manuela Allen – 8th grade English Rodney and Marilyn Bennett – 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade Band Scotte Clark – 6th grade English Language Arts, 7th grade English Language Arts Charlotte Givhan – 7th grade and 8th grade Reading Kim Guthrie – 7th grade and 8th grade Computers Jody Guy – 6th grade Physical Education, 7th grade and 8th grade Boys & Girls Athletics, Athletic Director Marti Hamilton – 6th grade and 7th grade Reading, Dyslexia Therapist and Interventionist Keith Henderson – 6th grade Social Studies, 7th grade Texas History, 7th grade and 8th grade Boys Athletics Stacy Holub – 7th grade Science Austin Phillips – 6th grade Math, 7th grade and 8th grade Boys and Girls Athletics McKenna Phillips – 8th grade Math Nancy Roach – 6th grade and 7th grade Math, Special Education Mollie Shelton – 6th grade Physical Education, 7th and 8th grade Girls Athletics Claire Spivey – 7th grade Texas History, 8th grade United States History Sam Spurlock – 6th grade and 8th grade Science

Paula Acuna – Instructional Inclusion Aid Lupe Sanchez – Custodian Rebecca McAnally – Counselor, 504 Coordinator, U.I.L. Coordinator Linda Symank – Secretary Amanda Barrientes - Principal

Olney High School 2018-2019 Teachers and Staff

Manuela Allen – Res. English III, English IV Ashley Ballard – Algebra I, AP Calculus, Athletics Hayden Ballard – Special Education Rodney and Marilyn Bennett – High School Band, Jazz Band Lani Caffey – World History, Government, Debate Carrie Canada – Life Skills Michele Carpenter – Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, 504 Coordinator Pradip Dhungana – Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus Derek Dunlap – Ag Mechanics, Ag Fabrication, Mathematical Applications in Ag., Wildlife Science Riley Dunlap – English II, AP English III/ Dual Credit, Business English Haylee Haralson – Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Advanced Animal Science, Floral Design Gary Harvey – English I, Credit Recovery, Athletics Casey Keeter – Principles of Manufacturing, Athletics Mindi Kimbro – Pre-AP English II, English III, Journalism, Yearbook Sabrina Laurent – Integrated Physics & Chemistry, AP Principles of Computer Science, Computer Programming Phyllis Lee – Money Matters, Touch Data Systems, Economics Bill Little – DAEP and Work Program Sherry Livingston – Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance, Accounting I, Accounting II, Campus Technologist Hilda Melchor – Special Education Aide, Administrative Assistant Kelly Molina – Life Skills, Special Education Aide Jina Nickel – English I, Pre-AP English I, AP English IV/ Dual Credit Carl Pennington – Physical Education, Athletics McKenna Phillips – Geometry, Math Models Obelea Rue – Professional Communications, AP Psychology/ Counseling Carla Scrogum – Life Skills, Special Education Aide Molly Shelton – World Geography, United States History, Athletics Kim Stephens – Principles of Human Services, Child Development, Educational Training, Fashion Design, Food Science Will Stewart – Chemistry, Scientific Research & Design (Environmental Systems), Dual Credit Anatomy and Physiology, AP Biology/ Dual Credit Rex Taylor – Advance Welding James Toney – Art I, Art II, United States History, Athletics Kelley Toney – Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Matt Caffey – Principal Jody Guy – Athletic Director Courtney Wells – Counselor

OJH 2018-2019 School Supply List

• 5 - 1 inch, three ring binder

• 4 packages of wide-ruled notebook paper

• 2 sets of dividers

• 1 heavy-duty pencil bag

• 1 package of highlighters

• 10 pens (minimum)

• 10 pencils (minumum)

• 1 large eraser

• 2 boxes of Kleenex

• 2 boxes of Clorox Wipes

• Ear buds

• Backpacks are NOT REQUIRED, nor recommeded

• Locker shelves are RECOMMENDED, but not required

Individual teachers may have requests for other materials on the first day of school; they will provide your student with those specific needs at that time.

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