City Council Update

City council held its first meeting of the month on May 11, 2020. The meetings are still being held for the council with only 10 people in attendance for the time being due to COVID-19. The meeting began with the invocation, followed by the citizens comment period.

The council approved minutes from the previous meeting and then considered the ordinance on second readings to amend the animal control fees and the penalties as well. Next up on the agenda, was to consider to expenditure of capital funds to purchase a SCADA system and updated computer for the water treatment plan. Approving the potential use of the civic center for a pet vaccination clinic event with a countryside vet was measured shortly after.

The council then had to consider the additional funds to train lifeguards for the summer, and then considered the opening date for the city pool. The council discussed action to cancel or reschedule the upcoming May 25 meeting.

Monthly Departmental Reports were discussed after deciding whether to take action about the next scheduled meeting.

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