Your Stories Can Make a Difference

The “Life and Style/ Community Life” section of your newspaper is reserved for your stories—those stories that are too long to express on Facebook and too important to keep private. Almost everyone loves a good story, and our community’s stories belong on these pages.

Storytelling is considered by many as the string that connects people. When we hear those stories that make us laugh, or cry or get angry or take action, we are relating to someone, something or some idea. Some residents moved to this place after hearing stories about Olney. When our children leave for college, they stay connected to the community through the stories that keep them updated on lives and events.

Before radio and television, families would entertain one another through storytelling. Stories are more than entertainment; they help build confidence and pride. The residents in Olney have stories that make them proud of their relatives, friends and the neighbors who have accomplished great things after living in this community.

Most of the Olney Enterprise issues we’ve reviewed from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s are filled with information about the lives of the people who lived here. Some articles include a family’s travel plans with a directive to “keep an eye on their property during their absence, or a simple birth announcement with a sentiment of pride. After reading those old issues, it was easy to visualize what life was like in Olney during that period.

If we could step back in time to search for information about the evolution of Olney, we would find some of the answers in the newspaper articles that explain how the town’s fluidity became a tool for survival. Some families have lived here all their lives. They have witnessed the ups and downs of Olney’s industries such as oil, agriculture, mercantile and manufacturing among others. Our readers would love to hear your stories. So, why are you waiting?

Please share your life with us and help us fill the “Life and Style/ Community Life section with the stories that inspire, the ones that remind and those that pique interests. Those are the stories I want to hear. What about you?

There are many ways you can share your stories through articles and photographs. You can visit with us at 213 E. Main Street, call us at 940-564-5558, or send an email to Let us know what is happening in your circle of influence. Send us information about your meetings. Share the history of an old home or building. Tell us why you live here. Remind us of the stories about the construction of our churches. What do you know about the first hospital and police department?

Remember, this is your paper and your stories matter.

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