OCLAC Displays Enchanted Puppets By Artist Kacy Latham
OCLAC Displays Enchanted Puppets By Artist Kacy Latham

OCLAC Displays Enchanted Puppets By Artist Kacy Latham

The Olney Community Library and Arts Center (OCLAC) director, Lori Cox, recently obtained a display of art created by artist Kacy Latham of Munday, Texas.

Latham’s art display is a collection of large, enchanted puppets straight out of her imagination. The art was originally on display at the 9th Street Studios in Wichita Falls, a well know venue for hosting artists’ work as well as exhibitions. 9th Street Studios also rents space for photo shoots, studio space and private events. After being displayed at 9th Street Studios the art was shown at the Wichita Falls Public Library where Lori Cox discovered the art and set out to see if it could also be displayed here in Olney. Amber Scott, Linda Deason and Keith Deason facilitated the moving and setting up of Latham’s art at OCLAC.

“The puppet building happened as three parts of my life converged: my theatrical training, my experience sculpting people and my desire to make art that caused awe and joy. If I could make it work financially, I would build puppets and design children’s playhouses full time. I guess I’m still a little kid,” said Latham about the insight of why she created the puppets.

Having an extensive background in art she said, “I painted my first mural for money in Jr. High. I went to MSU and I have a BFA in theater. I excelled in the design classes and Don Henschel encouraged me to study art too. I did but it was informal. I later learned to use graphic design as my primary job, though I still made art and worked in performing arts. I started making and selling sculptures of people and characters in 2001 under the brand: Feet of Clay. After many years, I decided to commit to fine art... something I wanted since childhood.”

Latham mainly displays her art in Abilene, but has also displayed in Wichita Falls, the Dallas area, East Texas and even at a part of The Armory Show in New York City. “I’m also a fine artist with my work showing in multiple galleries and [I have] juried shows for the last six years,” she stated. Her motto is: “Life is experienced somewhere between awe and grief... there is a lot of grief, so I desire to offset it with wonder.”

Latham also has two shows coming up this summer: one at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene and the other will be at 9th Street Studio in Wichita Falls. Currently her art is at the Edom Art Emporium. To see and learn more about Kaci Latham and her art you can visit her Facebook page @kacylathamartist, her website kacylatham. com or on Instagram: Kaci Latham

The puppets will be on display until mid-May at the Olney Community Library and Arts Center located at 807 W. Hamilton St. Olney, Texas. 76374 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Mon. through Fri.

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