Community Safety Education Act Video Now Available Online for All Texans

AUSTIN – An innovative instructional video and presentation on how citizens and law enforcement officers should interact during traffic stops are now available to the public.

The Community Safety Education Act (S.B. 30) – introduced by State Senator Royce West and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott – mandates specific instruction on traffic stop behavior by motorists and law enforcement officers. The training is a mandatory component in the curriculum for all Texas driver education and driving safety courses as well as in training for all law enforcement officers in the state. All public high school students are required to receive traffic stop instruction before graduation.

“I believe this video will help lower the tension in a traffic stop – and, I hope, allow both the driver and the officer to be safe and walk away from a traffic stop. Anyone who drives should take time to watch this presentation, no matter how long they’ve been driving,” said TDLR Executive Director Brian Francis.

The law requires that driver education and driving safety curriculum include information about proper procedures for citizen and law enforcement interaction during traffic stops. One of the goals of the new law is to lessen tensions and anxieties that may arise during interactions between officers and citizens that could lead to undesired outcomes.

“Flashing Lights” is a 16-minute combined video and PowerPoint presentation produced and developed in partnership with TDLR, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, the Texas Education Agency, Austin Community College, the Foundation for Safe Driving, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and Travis County Constables, Teen and Police Service Academy of Houston, the Houston Police Department, the Dallas Police Department, and other state and local law enforcement agencies.


PowerPoint Presentation: Education%20Act.pptx

Anyone who watches the video and presentation is encouraged to complete the survey at the end of the presentation to assist TDLR with evaluating the impact of the video.

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