Young County Arena Hosts Jr. Livestock Show and Young County Fair

The time has come, at last, the Young County Jr. Livestock Show will be at the Young County Arena Jan. 9 through Jan. 12. This event is an opportunity to show your support for the students that participate in National FFA Organization. The participants will show their animals in competition but wait, that’s not all. There will also be a pound cake contest that benefits the Young County Junior Livestock Show. See the guidelines pictured below for more details.

The Young County Fair will have a variety of other events as well. At the fair, there will be competitions for categories including Culinary Arts, Cultural Arts, Photography and Shop. Each category will have different classes to compete in. In the Culinary Arts, the classes are: cookies, cakes from scratch, cakes from cake mixes with added ingredients, candy, yeast bread, quick bread, pies, sugar-free desserts, canning and other foods that do not fit in any other category. The Cultural Arts classes are: creative cakes, needlework, fabric clothing accessories, clothing: wearable art, leather craft, jewelry, floral arrangements, recycled or preconsumer waste creation, constructed home accessories, 3-D art originals, art originals in oil, art originals in water media, art originals in pen or ink, art originals in pencil, art originals in charcoals, art originals in acrylic, China painting and other items that do not fit in any other category. The Shop division classes are: painted wood art, woodworking, metal work and other things that do not fit in any other category. The classes in the Photography contest will be separated by color or black & white and include domestic animals, wildlife animals, catchall, details & macro, dominant color, elements of design, enhanced, food, landscape & nature (nonanimal), motion/ action, people, plant/flora, sports, theme and travel. See the contest guidelines pictured below for more information.

Consider the Young County Fair as a platform to showcase your talents, whether you are a student or an adult. So, get signed up for your entry and prepare to have a great time.

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