Will B. Asking Why coaches get grump

Will B. Asking Why coaches get grump

Most people see coaches stomp around and yell a lot. Having played sports when I was younger it is pretty obvious what’s going on. After thinking about it a bit I realized maybe not everyone knows what I know when I see these things.

Coaches are very passionate; I mean extremely passionate about what they do and they care very much about the people they are coaching. Not just wither the players are learning what they should to play their part on the team or position they are playing but they care about the personal growth of their players.

Sure, Coaches love to win just like any other red-blooded American likes to win. But sometimes winning the game is not all that shows if a team or player is winning. Youth come from all walks of life and sometimes their time with team mates and coaches is all they have as far as time spent in the right atmosphere. An atmosphere of learning how to act, what manners are, how to carry yourself as a young man or woman as well as good sportsmanship and integrity. Coaches teach so much more than how to play a sport. Coaches are mentors, teachers, discipliners and there to lift you up and give you support.

Sometimes coaches are not as easy to see in your life as well. A friend, parent, relative, teacher or even those you’re not in a close relationship with but see sporadically throughout the year can be coaches of life. While sometimes its hardest to spot these coaches, they are there with your best intentions at heart and are not looking to get a pat on the back. They just want to see you succeed. It may be a bit of advice from time to time or word of encouragement, maybe a bit of hard words to swallow that you know deep down are right and you needed to hear them a just that moment. It might be someone who calls you out on the bad direction your taking. It could even be a janitor at the school you attend.

The point is next time you see that coach a grumbling just knows he or she just cares a great deal about your success in life.

This is Will B. Saying have you thanked your coach?

GRANBURY, TX – Former Governor and Energy Secretary Rick Perry will be visiting Granbury in support of Dr. Glenn Rogers, candidate for Texas House District 60, on Friday, February 7.

The last time a former or sitting governor visited Granbury was in December 1998, when then-Gov. George Bush visited with his wife, Laura, who was dedicating a historical marker at the Baker-Carmichael House.

“I’ve known Glenn Rogers since my days serving as a state representative from the same area and this long, personal relationship gives me confidence in his ability to perform well,” Perry said of Rogers. “Rural Texas needs strong rural leaders like Dr. Glenn Rogers to craft conservative policies that reduce the tax burden on property owners, encourage the creation of quality jobs, and prioritize our schools in order to provide a talented, local workforce.”

“I am proud to receive Gov. Perry’s endorsement in this race, and I am thankful to have him visit our district,” said Rogers. “I encourage residents to join us so that I can answer any questions they may have about my campaign.”

The public is invited to join Gov. Perry and Dr. Rogers on Friday, February 7th, from 4 to 7 p.m. at Celebration Hall. The address is 110 North Crockett Street, next to Granbury Live. Entertainment, appetizers, and drinks will be available. Parking is available behind the Granbury First National Bank building.

The last day to register to vote was Monday, February 3rd. Early voting for Texas primary races begins February 18, 2020. Election day is March 3, 2020.

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