Varsity Lady Cubs Face Midway

The varsity Lady Cubs played against Midway Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Petrolia Tournament. The Lady Cubs won the game with a final score of 40-25.

During the first quarter, the Lady Cubs scored 14 points, with Jaden Jacoba claiming 7 points, Irune Aguireazaldegui taking 5 points and Jae Montgomery making 2 points.

During the second quarter, they earned 6 points with Aguireazaldegui gaining 2 points, Jae Montgomery scoring 2 points and Claire Garcia scoring 2 points.

In the third quarter, the Lady Cubs earned 7 points with Jacoba making 5 points and Garcia receiving 2 points.

The Lady Cubs scored 13 points in the fourth quarter with Abbey Harrison scoring 2 points, Jacoba making 2 points, Anahi Marquez earning 2 points, Montgomery gaining 5 points and Garcia getting 2 points.

The Olney scores by players are Jacoba 14 points, Montgomery 9 points, Aguireazaldegui 7 points, Garcia 6 points, Harrison 2 points and Marquez 2 points.

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